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You Know This, but Sometimes We Need a Reminder

Have you ever doubted yourself or wondered why others seem to be getting that big break while you struggle along? As a leader, have you doubted your ability or your influence? You see the ads on social media, or get the DM’s on LinkedIn that say, “I found the formula for success and I’ll sell it to you!” If you’re like me, you have wondered and doubted. If you’re like me, you are tempted to buy the magic formula for success.

Wondering and doubting is normal.

Buying systems or training materials are not a bad idea. In fact they can be great tools to help you become better leaders, communicators and entrepreneurs. But we must be careful to not assume they are the magic bullet or the quick fix.

Buying someone else’s system or product because they found success by doing it does not mean it will work for you. In fact, it most likely won’t. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss it entirely. I have bought quite a few things that didn’t work - but were good learning experiences. I have bought others that have aided my business and even gave me a return on my investment.

But none of them have given me 10k a week in residual income and none have grown my social media followers to a million in 60 days. That’s not saying they were not worth it.

What is worth it? You know the answer. Hard work. Building relationships. Being consistent. Staying positive. Helping others. Sometimes systems are a benefit to me because I do the other gritty granular grinding things as the foundation of my business.

Get messy with wondrous, flawed, imperfect humanity and connect yourself and your message to them. That is the magic formula - one that will take time, energy and work. But if you have a dream you can’t put down, if you have a team you must lead, if you have a message that must reach the world, then all those little things each day will result in success - whatever that looks like for you.

Stay strong my friends, you are not alone. There is no magic system but we have what counts…

Each other.


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