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An exceptional and impactful speaker, seamlessly blending the art of storytelling, humor, and the science of communication to initiate profound change.

Give your audience the tools and inspiration to rise above the noise!

10% of David's fee is donated to nonprofit organizations that support mental health, social justice, and environmental protection.

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Event Planners, what can you expect:

I have organized enough events to feel the pressure of taking on such a task. To be responsible for every speaker, every chair, every technical aspect, as well as the marketing, the guests, and the venue is a job reserved for superheroes.


You can expect from me, consistent and clear communication, an early arrival, the willingness to stay late, be flexible, and help out when needed.

When you bring me aboard, it's one less person you need to worry about.

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Some feedback

“David spoke at our conference as our closing speaker in October 2022. Before the conference, David connected with us on a few occasions to really understand the purpose of our conference, our audience, and what we wanted to achieve with the presentation. David listened to our needs and put together a presentation that really delivered with good energy. We received such positive feedback about his presentation and how it really hit the marks. It really helped us to close off the conference on such a positive and inspiring note.”
Joel Odin, Leader, General Health & Safety
Fraser Health

Keynote Topics

All presentations are created organically for your audience!



Rise Above The Noise

You are more influential than you think! Your audience will significantly improve their communication skills, on a  personal, interpersonal and global scale. The synergy of the science of human connection and the art of storytelling converges to cultivate more profound relationships, both professionally and personally.


Sales for People Who Don't Love Sales

Connect, restate, and influence to grow your business. Based on my book, Sales for People Who Don't Love Sales but Have to do it Anyway.


Be a Slacker

Conflict resolution, and interpersonal communication strategies for positive change management in times of chaos and disagreement. Slacker is an acronym, not a call to (in)action!


Amplify Your Story™

Public speaking and communication training for everyone. My proven formula to simply be better, have more confidence, and make a difference.


Reach Down, Reach In, Reach Out

Completely and radically transform the way you connect with yourself and others. As a trained coach, experienced actor, and internationally recognized speaker, I can be the catalyst for lasting change in your organization. Learn what hinders communication and how to avoid pitfalls. You'll spend time in a supportive environment where you will learn and practice storytelling, deep listening, and asking questions. Gain insight on how to influence in meaningful and positive ways.

A half to full day program with high interaction and practical tools that you will take with you forever

Different Formats

20 - 90 minutes

Experiential learning keynote*

1 - 3 hours

Experiential learning keynote*

+ Interactive workshop**

4 - 8 Hours

Experiential learning keynote*

+ Interactive workshop**

+ Connecting event***

*activities that enhance the message so no passive listening

**discussion groups and some opportunities to share experiences and stories

***opportunities to build or deepen relationships at the event. More practice and more interaction to facilitate lifelong habit changes

2-Day Event

​Includes but not limited to:

  • Communication Coaching

  • Listening

  • Leadership

  • Networking

  • Sales

  • Conflict resolution

  • Public Speaking Training

  • Keynote celebration at the end



Contact David Fisher easily

Thanks for contacting David!
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