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He can't be that good, can he?

I wonder if sometimes people think this because I hold space in two different, yet very similar worlds:

“Maybe he’s not as good at speaking as he says he is, if he also does other things?”

My speaking reviews across all platforms are 4.97 (out of five) stars. That speaks for itself.

The truth is, I could speak full time and not have to “work” everyday. Here is why I speak, coach, act, write, and hold a terrific position as a manager at Rhodes Wellness College:


I live the same values with everything I do.

My passion, as grandiose as it may seem, is to change the world measurably; to make it drastically and radically better for all living things. My expertise is people. Help people be better and we have a better world. Connect people together and we have a more connected world. Sustain people, we sustain our planet.

Everyday, whether I’m speaking, coaching, or managing, I can live this.

It’s not about being an entrepreneur, or being an employee, or volunteering. It’s about positive, steady, ongoing, measurable change. I do that as much as I can, everyday.

I’m not a climate scientist, or an environmental engineer. I’m not a billionaire or a politician. I’m not famous, nor do many people stop me on the street and ask for an autograph- although that has happened!

What I am, is a deeply passionate, compassionate, and determined human that has doubts, anxieties, and fears. What I do is take all of this bundled up emotion and energy and turn it into action.

The world is a better place because I chose to live with purpose. Hopefully in some way I can inspire and teach others to do the same. 

My purpose is greater than myself.. I can’t do it alone. So whether I’m speaking, coaching, acting, writing, or working with incoming students at the best school in the world, I have the chance to make a difference.

If you are able - do it. Go live your purpose. Go change the world.


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